10 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Джульетта , 5 January 2019

Author: Kononova Juliet  – Nutrition specialist, graduated from TsNAP at the RGSU with a degree in nutrition training in the training system, several courses in adult and child nutrition at Stanford University and physical activity at The University of Edinburg

Many of those who at least once wondered how to lose a few “extra” kilos began their journey by searching for answers in the global network. However, now the Internet is filled with all sorts of tips, some of which are not just useless to achieve your goals, but rather the opposite – they can cause real harm to physical health and take them out of psychological balance.

Here are 10 most popular mistakes:

1. Strict diets

“Diet” from the Greekis means “lifestyle”, so it is better to choose and follow a comfort “eating” style for you. Feel the difference between a diet consisting of hard restrictions, breakdowns, dissatisfaction with yourself and a sense of guilt for any “step to the left”, and a healthy lifestyle that starts with new good habits (for example, more vegetables) and tru love of yourself

2. Short term goals

Starting a new life on Monday, we are waiting for great results by Friday, but unfortunately (or fortunately?), it doesn’t work in this way. Any change takes time. Allow your body to adapt to the new reality, get used to the changes, stay attentive and patient with yourself.

3. Calorie restriction

Constant calorie counting and critical limits are stress and discomfort for your body, which almost inevitably leads to a breakdown. In addition, this approach may be the cause of metabolic (and not only) processes and extremely bad mood. To eat better in moderation, but to full.

4. Skip breakfast

Watch for yourself. When you skip breakfast, you can overeat during the day. If you notice that this is true, be sure to have breakfast. Choose more dense or as light as possible dishes depending on your individual characteristics, but most importantly – get pleasure.

5. Permanent snacks

There can be several problems: either there is no snack at all, and you are more comfortable with it, or snacks turn into a constant piecemeal. The best solution is a planned, deliberate snack at a time convenient for you.

6. Liquid calories

Sweet smoothies, coffee with milk and protein shakes are also calories that are important to consider. Make the choice consciously and do not forget, water is your best friend.

7. Lack of water

Sometimes thirst is mistaken for a feeling of hunger, and even a lack of water can cause the disturbance of some processes in the body and the gradual extinction of natural beauty, for example, through fading of color and loss of skin elasticity. Be sure to drink water throughout the day. Reference: 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

8. Meals in cafes

It’s all right if the dinners in the restaurant happen from time to time, especially if you competently make a menu choice and enjoy the company. If the cafe completely replaces home cooking for you, think about it: restaurant food often contains refined sugar, excess salt and, for example, not quite healthy sauces, and semi-finished products contain low-quality ingredients and artificial additives.

9. Focus on one

For example, you decide that only workouts help you, and you are really good at working out in the gym, but continue to go to bed closer to 2 o’clock at night and have a snack with sandwiches. Can this approach be considered healthy? The answer is rather negative. Healthy weight loss is an integrated approach that includes a balanced diet, exercise, quality sleep, a positive attitude to life, work with stress and self-love.

10. Unreal or other people’s goals

Stay alone with yourself and ask yourself the question: “Why?”. What will change when you lose “extra” kilos? Will you be happier? Healthier? How will you feel? Honest answers to these questions will help to set goals that will be yours, “from” and “to”, which means – they will help make the move forward as pleasant and natural as possible.


Healthy weight loss is the way that any of you can! The main bonuses of this approach are general recovery, the awakening of your natural beauty and long-term result. The main steps to the new version of yourself are proper diet planning, the conscious avoidance of extremes, the choice of physical activity that suits you, and a positive attitude.

Editorial opinion may not reflect the views of the author. Remember that the recommendations are general in nature. If you have concerns or personal health questions, be sure to contact your healthcare professional.

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