10 healthy lunch box ideas
Маша Бондаренко

Маша Бондаренко , 14 January 2019

Author:  Mary Bondarenko  –  food blogger and author of healthy recipes

We have lunch every day, but does this mean that there should always be one and the same thing on our plate? Sometimes we are cooking chicken breast with cucumbers and buckwheat, and then, at some point, we understand that we can no longer even look at it. Then we go in the nearest cafe for lunch and fight with the desire to eat a bar of sweet chocolate. In any case, our health, internal balance and eating habits are under attack.

What to do then? How to find the motivation to cook lunch box? How to easily and simply make interesting and varied menu? Let’s find out.

First of all, think about why do you need to cook your lunch?

1. Benefit

Homemade food is definitely healthier than ready to go food, at least, because you know exactly what kind of ingredients you used and also you can combine the ingredients to fit your individual type of diet.

2. Budget
Lunches in restaurants beat the price – and this, of course, is a plus in favor of lunch boxes. In any case, for the same amount of money that is needed in a restaurant, you can collect a good set of the best fresh products.

3. Portion control

It does not matter what purpose you are pursuing: weight gain or weight loss – with lunch boxes it is much easier to control portion size and calories.

4. Time saving
With lunch box, you do not need to go anywhere, look for suitable positions in the menu or wait for the kitchen, which means you can spend the same time with benefit for yourself, for example, take a walk, meditate, have a face massage or call to a close friend.

What to pack in your lunch box? The perfect lunch is a combination of protein, slow carbohydrates, fiber and vegetable fats. Here are 10 ideas for lunch boxes – transformers, the ingredients in which you can safely swap places:

Scramble with turmeric and mushrooms + avocado + baked carrots and cucumber

Baked salmon + quinoa + baked pumpkin and zucchini

Sea fish + brown rice + baked sweet potato and keil

Rabbit + Kamut tortilla + beet hummus + avocado

Chicken + Spelt Pasta + Tomato Paste with Olive Oil

Hard boiled eggs + bulgur + stewed cabbage with apple

Tuna + rye bread + guacamole

3 more IDEAS
Lightly salted salmon + potatoes + boiled broccoli
Red Bean Зatties + Crispbread + Beetroot Salad with Greek Yogurt
Spinach Omelet + buckwheat + baked cauliflower

As a dressing for all grain, I prefer olive oil with balsamic vinegar or lemon juice and pink Himalayan salt. Any dish can be decorated with seeds or microgreennies.

The principle of the transformer is very simple: everything combines with everything. It is enough to take a source of protein, for example, fish and 2 elements from other dishes, for example, cakes and guacamole – you get another lunch. As you can see, the options are vast.

To make lunch more useful, choose glass or ceramic containers. If the food needs to be reheated, it can be done in such a container with no harm to health. Do not forget about the filing! We eat with our eyes, so lunch should look appetizing.

Try to avoid unhealthy snacks at work. For example, instead of tea with cookies and chocolates choose healthy snack with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts or homemade bars. Remember, a healthy lunch is your daily contribution to health and beauty..

Editorial opinion may not reflect the views of the author. Remember that the recommendations are general in nature. If you have concerns or personal health questions, be sure to contact your healthcare professional.

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